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XEIC! Say goodbye to the stage and will do so with a concert tour throughout Catalonia!

In 2008, we started this musical journey embarking on an adventure full of dreams and passion. We couldn't imagine how amazing it would be and the unforgettable memories we would create together.

From then until now, every chord, every laugh and every scene has been part of this adventure we've built with you. Thank you for being our source of inspiration and the force that has driven us forward year after year. And now, with hearts beating full of feelings, we want to share with you the next stage of this extraordinary journey.

In 2024, we'll embark on a farewell tour to celebrate the moments we've shared, the songs we've sung together, and the unbreakable bond we've created with each of you over these 15 years. Get ready to experience the last stage! An opportunity to take a retrospective look at our career and continue creating new memories that we will always carry with us.

We appreciate all your support and unconditional love. This is not a goodbye, but a "see you soon" in which music will continue to connect us with you!

Coincidentally, this farewell tour coincides with the group's 15-year career, for this reason, we can already tellyou that there will be all the most representative songs from each of the albums we have published and, of course, some other songs unpublished composed especially for the occasion.

Are you ready?


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