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Sexenni release a new single, ‘La Faràndula’


Sexenni is a pop group that was born in Lleida in 2019 in the basement of a high school, where three friends decided to record a demo. Nowadays, they are one of the latest surprises with more growth in the Catalan music scene, since, in record time, they have become one of the most fashionable groups with more projection in the country! 

In 2022 they presented their debut album, ‘Retrats’ (Delirics, 2022), which has already released hits such as ‘De Lao’. Then, this past September, the band from Lleida presented ‘Supernova’ (Delirics, 2023), their second album that talks about love, maturity and the passing of time. An album that follows a clear pop sound line influenced by the 80s, where they venture with disco songs, more festive ‘música de arrel’ and even darker, introspective and electronic songs, which they have already presented on stages such as the Mercat de Música Viva de Vic or the ELS40 stage at the Fiestas de La Mercè in Barcelona.

After taking their first steps as a group and becoming one of the bands of the moment, Sexenni has just released one of the most awaited and powerful collaborations so far, ‘Grup de Pop’, a song where the newcomer group from Lleida and the fashionable duet from Mataró, The Tyets, have come together to represent the story of every young person who wants to dedicate themselves to music and ends up making pop music. ‘Grup de Pop' is already a hit and, of course, Sexenni now presents us with a summer hit: “La Faràndula”, an ode to the party. 

This song vindicates the Mediterranean-rooted, traditional and village festival, combining mestizo elements with urban music and pop melodies. The lyrics narrate the different perspectives from which any verbena can be experienced: from the grandmother who wins a ham in the raffle to the young man who wakes up with a hangover. It's a 360-degree view of everything that happens at any summer party: partying, friendship, love, heartbreak... ‘La Faràndula’ comes with a video clip directed by Alba Muñoz, who accompanies the group in their showbiz life: sound checks and concerts, but also a lot of partying!

Take a look at ‘La Faràndula’ by Sexenni, a track that smells like summer and an absolute hit!


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