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New work by Flashy Ice Cream "Sempre Joves x1"

With an incomparable and 100% recognizable style, Flashy Ice Cream has established itself as one of the pioneering groups of urban music in Catalan. Their unique fusion of trap, rap, urban pop and dancehall has conquered the hearts of thousands of young people across the country.

Pol Giancana and Sneaky Flex have become true references of urban music in Catalonia, creating a remarkable impact with their lyrics 100% in Catalan. Their latest album, 'AFTERSUN' (Delirics, 2022), won them the Enderrock Critics' Best Urbana Album Award, reasserting their presence before 'Don Gelato' (Delirics, 2020). With almost 150,000 monthly listeners on Spotify alone, Flashy Ice Cream is today one of the most prominent groups on the airwaves of Catalan music radio.

With notable participations in media such as TV3's La Marató Album and performances at events such as the ELS40 stage in La Mercè, as well as presence in festivals such as Cruïlla XXS, Telecogresca, Meridiana Rock, Strenes Urbana and Acampada Jove, Flashy Ice Cream has left its mark at every step.

With four successful releases behind them, including recent hits like 'Quan em tornes a mirar' and 'Millor del que pensava', masterfully produced by The Tyets, Flashy are now on the cusp of a new era. After spending months in Argentina, collaborating with local producers and artists, the group from Sabadell is about to release their new album 'Sempre Joves', which will be released in four volumes (one per quarter) throughout 2024. This work promises to be the best in its history!

The first volume of the disc, in addition to the surprising and acclaimed 'Cada Tren', which is already resonating on all the airwaves of commercial radio, will also have 3 more hits such as: 'Entremeliada', a vibrant reggaeton where Flashy sings alongside the other fashion duo Dani6ix and IZZKID. A second collaboration coming from Argentinian soil with 'Tiki Taka', and to complete this unique experience, 'Who would you call?' an amazing Mexican 'corrido' that is sure to captivate you instantly.

This is just the beginning of Flashy's extraordinary musical odyssey in 2024, get ready for three more parts to go. The new era of Flashy Ice Cream is here, and with 'Sempre Joves', they promise to take you on an unforgettable musical journey.


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