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New single by Sexenni & The Tyets "Grup de Pop"

Sexenni is a pop band that was born in Lleida in 2019 in the basement of a high school, where three friends decided to record a demo. Currently, it is one of the last surprises with the greatest growth in the Catalan musical scene, since in record time it has become one of the most popular and fashionable groups in the country!

In 2022 they presented their debut album, 'Retrats' (Delirics, 2022), which has already given rise to hits such as 'De Lao'. Then, this past September, the band from Lleida presented 'Supernova' (Delirics, 2023), their second album that talks about love, maturity and the passage of time. An album that follows a clear pop sound line with 80s influence, where they venture with disco themes, more festive roots music and even darker, introspective and electronic songs, which they have already presented on stages such as the Live Music Market in Vic or the ELS40 stage at the Festes de La Mercè in Barcelona.

Sexenni started the year singing about life's most carnal pleasures with 'Suant la samarreta', a single in collaboration with the Sexual Health Center of Lleida. Now, however, they publish one of the most powerful collaborations so far that will become a hit and will be played on all Catalan music stations: 'Grup de Pop', a track where the Lleida revelation group and the fashionable Matarón duo , The Tyets, have come together in a song that narrates the story of every young man who wants to dedicate himself to music and ends up, by choice or having no other choice, poured into making pop music. Mixing an autobiographical point of view with a lot of humor and irony, the two groups sing about forming a band at the age of 15, playing concerts without anyone listening and, despite this, still fighting to make music.

This new single features the production of Pep Saula (member of Sexenni), where he introduces the mix of traditional elements of pop music, electronic sounds, synthesizers, samples and auto-tune, thus bringing the pop sound of the group from Lleida to a more urban and modern territory. The video clip is directed by Alba Muñoz, where the eight members of the two groups learn to be pop stars, making a parody of their own career.

'Grup de Pop' promises to be a success between the leading group of urban music in Catalonia, The Tyets, and the group that will mark the future of pop music in the country, Sexenni, one of the most important and promising references of the new pop Catalan!


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