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New single by Scorpio feat. Lluc “CAIGUT DEL CEL”


Scorpio, singer and dancer inspired by iconic references such as Beyoncé and Rihanna, and unforgettable figure of the first edition of TV3's Eufòria, debuted a year ago with the album 'Antares'. A first album where we find songs that have already become hits like 'Nenes presumides' or the celebrated and successful 'Deja vu', which will soon exceed one million reproductions. Her songs have been and are currently one of the most played songs in the country's musical formulas. She has been on the cover of Enderrock Magazine and has been invited to almost all the programmes and media in Catalonia.

In 2023, she offered a spectacular tour of many cities and festivals where she surprised with an impressive production, with a show of lights, choreography and top level show. Just before the end of the year, she presented 'M'enxixo', a song that still plays daily on the radio formulas and which is already the first hit of this second stage of the artist's career. Then, she recently presented her new hit 'XAO XAO XAO', an electrifying anthem that captures the essence of the pop melodies of 2010 with Scorpio's contemporary and personal touch; also featuring one of the industry's top producers, Scotty DK.

Now, Scorpio and Lluc, two of the most promising emerging artists on the scene, present 'CAIGUT DEL CEL'. An Afrobeat that, without a doubt, just listening to it makes you recover the illusion of love. A new song that presents the powerful message of recovering the desire to fall in love -when someone arrives at the most opportune moment- after having felt undervalued and disappointed by a person.

After a spectacular first tour and a first appearance on powerful stages such as Acampada Jove, Strenes Urbana and the Winter Festival at Sala Razzmatazz, Scorpio never ceases to surprise us. 2024 has started off strong with a lot of songs that he is already presenting to us and now,'CAIGUT DEL CEL' arrives to open the way to spring making you dance non-stop with afro rhythms!

Scorpio, once again, proves that he is redefining the limits of pop and urban music in Catalonia!


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