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New single by PAWN GANG «CHIKAGO»


P.A.W.N GANG, Pretty Ass White Niggas Gang, is the source of inspiration for a whole new generation of urban style artists and groups, a movement that has now become the musical and cultural phenomenon of an entire country! 2011 was the year of birth of P.A.W.N GANG and since then, their popularity has been growing through their video clips uploaded to YouTube, for making a style totally unknown at that time in Catalonia. After presenting several EP's and singles with a spectacular reception from the public and the media, in 2017 they released their first full-length: 'Pretty Ass White Niggas'.

They are the pioneers, the referents of this movement. They even went so far as to devise and publish a dictionary of Trap slang words that are now used by a whole generation!

Time goes by, but P.A.W.N. GANG is still more active than ever. After the resounding success of their latest mixtape 'RESPAWN' (Delirics, 2022), an album that has marked a before and after in the musical career of the Catalan artists, as it represents ten years of trajectory as a group, P.A.W.N continued to surprise us. With tracks such as 'Sassa', an afrotrap that marked the end of this stage; 'Ganas', the first house beat by P.A.W.N GANG or 'La Paka', a corrido in Catalan, a style never seen before in this language, the band once again demonstrated that, for them, music has no limits!

They recently closed the celebration of the 'RESPAWN' tour -which has been a great success with sold out shows in venues like Sala Wolf in Barcelona- where they have revived throughout 2023, in concerts, the entire trajectory of so many years of this pioneering band. That's why now, the Barcelona band presents 'CHiKAGO', a first preview of a new album that shows that P.A.W.N GANG is back stronger than ever, something that has already been seen in the last shows, where they clearly keep their essence, but taking it to another level.

CHiKAGO' is inspired by Chicago's Flow drill from 2012-2015, with which they began to emerge as a group, and from which they transferred that sound to Catalonia at that time. Now, returning to their roots, but with more enthusiasm than ever, P.A.W.N presents their new debut, the best way to consolidate the Gang's RESPAWN!


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