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New single by P.A.W.N. Gang, 'KE FARiA’

P.A.W.N. Gang - KE FARiA

P.A.W.N. Gang, an acronym for Pretty Ass White Niggas Gang, is an urban music group born in 2011 in Catalonia, which has become a key influence and a benchmark for all artists of the urban genre in Catalonia. They quickly gained popularity thanks to their video clips on YouTube, introducing a musical style totally unknown at the time, thus advancing to what currently dominates the scene and becoming the source of inspiration for the entire current scene. His first album, 'Pretty Ass White Niggas', is already music history.

With the mixtape 'RESPAWN' (2022), the group celebrated its ten-year anniversary, marking a turning point in its career. The tour associated with 'RESPAWN' was a resounding success, with outstanding concerts such as "sold out" at Sala Wolf in Barcelona.

Now, P.A.W.N. Gang has started a new stage with what will be their new album from which we have already heard songs like 'CHiKAGO' and 'PENTHAUS', and now it is the turn of their latest single, 'KE FARiA'. This song is an important point in their evolution, as it expresses their esteem among the members of the group and reflects on the road they have traveled so far.

Listen now to 'KE FARiA', the new single of the P.A.W.N. Gang, always young and fresh, the most real of the scene!


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