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New single by IGLÚ, ‘EL GRAN FINAL’


With more than six years of experience, Iglú is the result of the friendship between two musicians who joined forces to create a project that fuses British indie and modern bedroom-pop, a combination that has been key to their sound identity. Iglú’s creative adventure goes beyond music. All this is born and carried out from a room in Barcelona's Eixample neighbourhood, where they have spent hours and hours making music and dreaming of bringing it to the Catalan public. 

After two albums and collaborations with a large number of artists on the scene such as Lluc, Massaviu, Roserona, Gerard Aledo and Guineu, among others, Iglú returns with their third album to consolidate their position in the world of Catalan music, with the label Delirics. The Barcelona band wants to transmit everything that their sound has always done: enjoy life to the fullest surrounded by the people they love.

They have already released 'Tota la vida', a first single that was an ode to self-improvement and the freedom to dare to live without fear, and which became one of the finalists of the Volta Ciclista Catalunya 2024. 

Now, they are back with 'El gran final', a new song with a summer feel that talks about that feeling before a concert, the nerves and the excitement. Of a concert you dream of when you're little and suddenly seeing it come true. With a catchy and powerful chorus that unleashes the euphoria of summer days, and a careful and intimate verse with their characteristic touch, 'El gran final' has all the potential to steal the hearts of a new pop-loving audience!


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