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Lluc has already become one of the artists with the most personality and projection within the Catalan scene. The artist from Palautordera has created a sound, style and brand of his own, linking the urban world with indie pop. This mix, without a doubt, has made it quickly gain the recognition of the public and, at the same time, differentiate it from all the other proposals. 'Benvolguda Nostàlgia' was his debut album, where he surprised with hits like 'Galtes vermelles'. Then, in the summer of 2023, he managed with his second album 'peixcru's shisha lounge' to consolidate himself in the most current music scene and gave us hits like 'i <3 paris' and 'q fas avui?'.

This 2024, Lluc arrives to explore new horizons with the riskiest bet to date. A 5-song EP of which we have already received 'ALS GENS', a track where Galgo Lento collaborates, 'HENNA', a slow reggaeton by two artists of the moment: Dani6ix and IZZKID, and the latest preview: ' S.W.A.G', a track produced by jamzz and featuring the collaboration of a new promise of the scene, Ultralone.

Now, Lluc's new EP already has a date: next February 16. 'TOTES LES VEUS ARA SÓN ECOS' is the artist's new work that has a very different sound from the Afro rhythms of the last album. A 5-song project with a joint, cohesive and concise sound and aesthetic: rap, indie, reggaeton and trap. With all these styles and closing the EP with 'AUTOMME', an indie milestone that makes us remember the artist's beginnings - leaving aside the more urban aspect and approaching the indie pop that accompanies this romantic ballad - Lluc shows that he is one of the most versatile artists on the scene.

With the production of Galgo Lento, Jamzz and Biel Colomer, this new work has a unique and personal sound that defines the artist and makes him, without a doubt, leave a mark!


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