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Las Bajas Pasiones present their new EP 'BELLEZA'.

Las Bajas Pasiones, escolta ja el seu nou EP ‘BELLEZA’!

Las Bajas Pasiones is a project with sonorities that range from pop melodies to the rawest rap and the most committed lyrics, all this seasoned with a good helping of synthesizers and keyboards. A journey between Berlin electronica, messages that vindicate non-normative relationships and catchy pop melodies, where the unabashed desire to live and an attitude antagonistic to what they want to sell us as life are connected. Their concerts are a liberating and hedonistic catharsis, but at the same time vindictive, that turns any space into an endless party. Undoubtedly, the reference group of the LGTBIQ+ scene in Spain is Las Bajas Pasiones.

After their first three works, 'Rizomas Salvajes' ( Delirics, 2018), 'Bichx Rarx' (2020) and 'Neocancaneo' (Delirics, 2022), they inaugurate a new stage presenting us with a new EP: 'BELLEZA'. A work that counts with producers like Fede Jahzzmvn (Queralt Lahoz, Tribade, Lapili, Bejo...) and in the mixes, masters and arrangements, with Sr. Chen (Simona, Vic Mirallas, Elphomega...). Previously, we had already heard 'LAS COSAS SON SIMPLES', one of the tracks on the EP that talks about flowing and accepting what will come without complications. Flooded by the characteristic rap of Las Bajas Pasiones and the melodic pop of its choruses, 'LAS COSAS SON SIMPLES' shows us the versatility that characterises the band and goes further, exploring soft and delicate sonorities.

BELLEZA' arrives with spring. A new work that encompasses different personal experiences of the band, going through mental health, (dis)love, traumas, catharsis and celebration. A journey through the band's imaginary, where electronic music, indie sounds, a good dose of synthesizers, the rawest rap and the catchiest electro-pop melodies converge. A search for beauty in the everyday and, at the same time, a visit to its light and shadow. References such as Ralphie Choo, La Casa Azul, Sega Bodega, Fever Ray, Denmark or Ferran Palau, inspire the band in the latest EP by the reference group of the LGTBIQ+ scene in Spain.

If you want to delve into the most rebellious and vulnerable world of Las Bajas Pasiones, listen to their new EP 'BELLEZA' now!


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