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New single by Lil Aiden (Bounce Twice) "SUBNRMAL"

Lil Aiden, the singer and MC of the Bounce Twice project, makes way for her most intimate side by returning to rap in an eclectic way, but with a notable Old School influence. With references such as Currency, Mac Miller, Rafel Lechowsky or Little Simz, he always looks for sounds that fit the feeling of the situation he narrates. Sometimes very explicit and other times very metaphorical, but always intense. With very varied inputs and a lot to say, Lil Aiden presents his rawest and purest side. A Lil that no one knew and that if you want to discover her, you will have to delve into her lyrics that delve into her vision of reality, often alternative and represented in sound images.

Now, Lil Aiden presents his first solo song: 'SUBNRMAL'. A sarcastic description of a rich profile in the music industry. A debate between those who make music from the heart and those who make it to build an identity. This first single is also an honest self-analysis in both senses, where the singer from Sabadell puts the truth before the forced sympathy too present in the lives of artists.


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